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There is no clear way to have a successful life as everyone approaches obstacles in vastly different ways. While there are no solutions to the current economic problem, some people continue to brave through. Despite having days where everything went wrong, these people continue to stay positive and focused on their goals. People who constantly have pessimistic outlooks often find them coming true. People who don’t, however, find successes in even the smallest parts of their lives. Here are a few tips to keep you floating even through the rough spots:
1. Love, when given and shared, can make you feel whole.
2. While life isn’t fair, be sure to focus only on the positive.
3. Since you can’t change it, let the past go. Instead, focus on what you can change: the future.
4. Lao Tzu (Confucius) once noted, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Make a plan and stick to it when struggling against adversity.
5. When you’re unsure of what to do, be cautious and take small steps. This will help you recover if anything goes wrong.
6. Life has so much to offer, and it’s even better when you share it with people. Find things you and your family like to do to have fun.
7. Persistence and focus are your greatest tools.
8. Life isn’t always easy, so be flexible as you may need to make compromises at times.
9. Some people may not like you. Instead of worrying about them, spend time focusing on the people who do.
10. Friends are powerful allies and great resources, make many of them and enjoy their presence in your life.
11. Pick your battles, as you can’t win every argument.
12. Crying is okay, and it is much better to release pent up emotion than to internalize it.
13. Keep your friends close as they often have the best shoulders to cry on. It’s better than being alone.
14. Treat others as they want to be treated, rather than how you would treat them. Everyone has individual needs, and forcing them into your mold may cause tension.
15. Live your own life, and don’t copy others. The grass isn’t always greener.
16. Remember the old adage, beauty is only skin deep.
17. When you feel like things are out of control, take a minute to breath and focus before entering a task.
18. You control the course to your dreams and goals.
19. Don’t focus on what other people think, instead focus on being you.
20. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, and time will bring happiness and healing.
21. Miracles do happen.
22. Don’t spend time feeling bad about your situation, instead spend time looking at the opportunities around you.
23. No matter what kind of box it comes in, life is a wonderful gift.
24. You control your happiness.
25. Life is something you should celebrate daily.
26. Remember that the best is yet to come.

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