Mar 162010
Palm Desert
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Palm Desert is an inland city in the Palm Springs area of California. Over the past couple of years, the city saw its market – like many others nationwide – plummet, and has since seen its real estate market rise and fall, plagued by lower prices, rising foreclosures and struggling to make it back to where it was before the financial crisis set in in America.

According to the Desert Real Estate Report, in January and February of this year, average and median prices were on the rise, a trend that began in December. Average prices of Palm Desert homes for sale were up around $$500,000, while the median price actually remained mostly steady from January, and was down slightly from December.

Sales volume in February was at 49, up slightly from January, continuing a gradually rising trend in the Palm Desert real estate market that began around summer of 2009. The condo market in Palm Desert showed a similar rise in sales volume. In February, there were 43 sales, up from the month prior and continuing a slowly rising trend that began to set in around June or July 209.

Despite the rise in volume, however, the median price for condos has followed a downward trend. Since January 2009, when it was over $350,000, the median price has fallen to less than $250,000. The average price, too, has shown a generally downward sloping trend. Much of the rise in activity can be attributed to the simultaneous fall in prices, prompting many who were on the fence of getting into the condo market to jump in and buy while prices are still low.

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Aug 112009
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If you’re looking to live a life of purpose and meaning, continue reading this article. Following are tips for those who want to offer themselves to the world and want to leave their mark of change.
1. Get clear on what you value.  What innate qualities do you value in other people, such as honesty, authenticity, intellect? What are you willing to stand for and defend?
2. Get clear on what you are best at doing and being. Everyone has innate talents and strengths. Identify yours and utilize them to the best of your ability in your everyday life.
3. Take a long hard look at your current situation. Look at your current lifestyle and determine whether or not it includes your values and strengths. Figure out how you can get your current life to change and align with your strengths and values.
4. Build a support network of people who have a positive energy and impact on you. When making significant changes in your life, you will want people who support and believe in you. One valuable strategy in this is working with a life coach or mentor.
5. Devise a way to create space in your life to focus solely on your vision. Any time in your day, from a few minutes to an hour can give you time to plan and act out your life plan.
The most important factor in living your life purpose is uncovering the compelling force within you that will propel you into action. You have to want it badly enough to do something about it. Have confidence in yourself and know that the path you choose was designated especially for you. Follow it bravely and live life to the fullest.
Even with these tips, the most important part is finding what drives you to action. Your desire for this should be great to push you to action, and confidence in what you’ve chosen. Live your life to the fullest and follow your personal path with bravery.

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