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Chile - Easter Island, Ahu Tongariki
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Aside from being one of the world’s most isolated islands, Easter Island is also one of the most mysterious. A few kilometers from Chile, this island’s history is also enshrouded in enigma. Because of this, however, Easter Island easily becomes one of the most interesting travel experiences in the world.
Traveling to Easter Island can be a journey, but this journey is not as complicated as you may think. You have the option to travel alone or with a knowledgeable travel expert. A commercial air service takes tourists to and from the island daily. Getting around this 160 square kilometer island is fairly easy and all you need is a jeep. As for accommodations, there are a few hotels and guest houses that you can stay at, and many of them offer a few meals per day.
Easter Island Culture
Easter Island is heavily associated with the Moai stone statues that are scattered around its shores, and the statues’ creation is widely disputed. Many people believe that there were 900 of them at one time, and it took little time to create them all. Of course, this is just one of the island’s many mysteries. Today, there are groups of these stone statues scattered everywhere, and they are almost uniform. Years of erosion, however, have left them with slightly unique features.
Aside from the Moai, there are numbers of masonry wonders. There are stone walls, like those found in the rear of Vinapu, that were created without mortar. There are also 1,233 stone houses that still stand on the island. Petroglyphs can also be found carved into the rocks of the island.
While it can be a journey to get to Easter Island, your arrival on the island will justify it. Not only will you be intrigued and fascinated by the mystery surrounding the island, but you’ll also explore an island that very few other people have experienced.

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