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“When people are just travelin, they start out with the notion they’re gonna end up someplace by a certain time. They get together what they think they’ll need and head out. They stop for fuel if they’re drivin. Maybe they stop for food or maybe they pack their own so’s to limit the stops. If a detour comes up on the highway or there’s a traffic jam, they get upset. They don’t like anythin to slow ‘em up. They’re on a schedule.
“A person on a journey prepares the basics as well, but doesn’t have a schedule…not as such. That person is willin, if not enthusiastic, about enjoyin every second. Might create detours just to see what’s there. Maybe pulls over to watch a sunrise or sunset. Might get out in a rain shower to feel the cool drops on their skin…taste the rain. That kind of person will stop along the way just to talk to people, have a new experience. You can tell a lot about how a person moves through life by how they travel.”
-Excerpt from “I Don’t Want to be Your Guru, but I Have Something to Say”
Are you journeying through life or are you just traveling by with a routine? Do you appreciate each minute and see it as an opportunity, or do you just see it as something that needs to go by. Living in the present and putting meaning in your actions helps you gain fuller life. This means getting your heart, mind and soul in tune with each other.
We have a tendency to think of things aside from the task we are doing, and often miss something funny or exciting because our minds are elsewhere. Multi-tasking, while it gets things done, separates our mind from the here and now that our bodies are in.
Dwelling on other thoughts while you should be living in the present is another instance of traveling and not appreciating the moment. Take time to listen to others, and like towns and cities we vacation to, explore the rich environments and interesting people you meet throughout your life. Remember to always ask yourself:
Are you journeying or just traveling by?

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